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EThics in Action

SEABA are delighted to be continuing to develop the range and scope of events designed for those working in the behavioural sciences. 

This day-long event will includes a variety of speakers, discussion and interactions centred on ethical ideas, principles and practices. 

There will be reflections, interactions and activities designed to explore the ethical dimensions in our field. 

This workshop is being curated by three of the SEABA team; Faye Palmer (BCBA) the teacher-in-charge at Step by Step School , Athene Burdge (BCBA) the director of Autism Solutions  and Beth Davidson (BCBA) director of Aspire ABA . Together they are creating and coordinating a workshop designed by and for those seeking to deepen their own ethical understanding. 

We would love you and your colleagues to join us in the delightful seaside town of Eastbourne on the 16th November 2019.

To purchase tickets please click HERE. 

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